Why are mangoes yellow?


Mango flesh is yellow because it contains large amounts of carotene, especially beta-carotene. This compound is a natural pigment and nutrient needed by the human body and can be converted by the body into vitamin A.

Carotene is usually orange or yellow. This is why many fruits and vegetables exhibit these colors. In mangoes, the carotenoids are present in the flesh, especially in mature mangoes, thus the flesh of the mango shows a distinct yellow color.

In addition to carotene, mangoes also contain other nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, and fiber, which have many benefits for human health.

In addition, mango added rice is highly nutritious and rich in protein, amino acids, and other substances. Mango added rice is made of mango and added rice as main ingredients. The taste is especially praised and loved by people.


Especially this time, when making mango glutinous rice, it was combined with Tao Wan Jian Ming Suika sauce, which made this food even better. Its taste has been really endless for a long time, and people unconsciously want to be intoxicated by the deliciousness of mango glutinous rice. In this article, I will talk about learning to make mango glutinous rice. It is delicious and tasty and people want to eat it more and more.


Delicious Mango Glutinous Rice

Ingredients: mango, sugar rice, sugar,  sui sauce, sugar, coconut milk,

Method: 1. first rinse the mangoes, drain the water, remove the skin, cut into small pieces with a knife and place in a clean plate. 


2. Next, wash the added rice and drain the water. Pour the appropriate amount of water into the pot, add it to the added rice, cook, and drain the water.

3. Next, pour the appropriate amount of water into the pot, add the appropriate amount of coconut milk, bring the fire to a boil, and add the appropriate amount of sugar and salt.


4. Next, put the prepared attached rice into the pot and cook until the broth is dry, then serve the added rice on a plate.

5. Pour the appropriate amount of water into the pot, put in clean mung beans, bring the mung beans to a boil, sprinkle it over the devoured rice, then place the mango next to the glu fungus. Watermelon sauce ;


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Post time: Mar-14-2023