Which is more nutritious, Apple skin or Apple flesh?

We always say, “Ten and nine people have stomach problems. Now people are affected by diverse dietary factors and have higher rates of stomach problems. It appears in many common adult women, especially those between the ages of 25 and 35. Gastritis, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers, gastric polyps, and gastric stones.

For those with stomach problems, attention should be paid to their daily diet. Some foods play a warm role in the stomach, beneficial to gastric health. Some foods are not conducive to people with gastric problems.

Can one eat apples for people with stomach problems? What fruits should patients with stomach ailments pay attention to when eating less? Which fruits are beneficial to the stomach? Let’s look at them together.

Which is more nutritious


Apple nutrition into: per: per 100 grams of apples grams of apples 60 kilocalories kilocalories carbohydrates carbohydrates, including, organic acids, pectin, protein, calciumvitamin C and dietary fiber, and malic acid, alcohol acid and carotene, this is the perfect nutritional value of all vegetables and fruits.

Apples have many active substances such as flavonoids and magnesium. Some food manufacturers now also use apple leather as a food additive. Enhancement of one of the enzymes in the food may inhibit oral bacteria to protect teeth.

Although apple skin has many benefits, its nutritional components may not be fully absorbed by the body. For example, half of the fiber in apple skin is in apple skin, but the body can absorb less than 5%.

Additionally, during the growing process, apples must be sprayed with pesticides to prevent pests. If apples cannot be stored, they can be contaminated by bacteria. It is dangerous to use apple skin directly. Clean.

Which is more nutritious1


Experts remind Apple to eat in the morning, followed by noon, which is the lowest nutritional value of the night.

Apples still have a lot of sugar, people are usually hungry in the morning and can eat apples, in the morning the spleen and stomach are strongest and can eat apples. Eating apples in the morning is absorbed by the body so that the body can absorb it, so that the body can absorb it. Highly nutritious.

Eating an apple on an empty stomach helps digestion and the refreshing effect of an apple is more effective than coffee. Food eaten in the morning allows the body to absorb 50% of the nutrients, while at night it can absorb only 10%.

Which is more nutritious2


Can’t eat apple because of stomach problem?

1. Disease stability period: The rich nutritional value of apple is a kind of fruit we eat often in our life, if after treatment the patient of ulcer is relieved, the body gives no special discomfort and the stomach is not uncomfortable. At the moment we can eat apples without being affected.

2. Disease activity period: If the patient suffers from a gastrointestinal ulcer, now is the period of disease activity, or falls into severe ulcer-related complications, causing digestive bleeding and perforation, and can not eat apples.

Some patients with chronic gastritis find apples very cold. It is recommended not to eat them after eating. If the discomfort in the upper abdomen after eating is significantly worse, eating is not recommended. Apples.


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Post time: Mar-08-2023