What is the sweetness of dragon fruit?


Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit, but other tropical fruits such as mango and durian strong sweet, but has a unique fresh sweetness, attractive. And Guangzhou in Nanjing has the largest dragon fruit production base in the country and is a true dragon fruit “big home”.


Fangxin contains Zhe, Ganlu is refreshing, one by one, Red Fire Dragon Fruit List looks happy. Perfect and juicy flesh, gorgeous purple red color, one bite, sweet and refreshing taste, when you see the tongue clash, the happy taste spreads warmly.

High quality growing environment has nurtured a rich fruit market

Naaning city is located in a subtropical monsoon climate region. The climate is mild, light is sufficient, light is abundant, and excellent natural climatic conditions are very suitable for growing dragon fruit. In such a suitable environment, dragon fruits planted in Nanning are delicate, sweet, and crispy.


In addition to the sweetness of Nanning dragon fruit, the flesh is more delicate. From the introduction of varieties to improvements and upgrades, industrial development has not been developed for a long time, but soon dominated the national dragon fruit market. The Nanning Fire Dragon Fruit Industry is an important starting point for poverty alleviation, spurring local farmers to lift themselves out of poverty and become rich.


Red meat and white dragon fruit, “this is a red heart.”


When a customer was unsurprised by a dragon fruit vendor, it needed to know the truth from the boss’s mouth, not the 10 or 9 red dragon fruits or white dragon fruits. From the point of view of ordinary people, there is no difference between Red Heart Dragon Fruit and White Heart Dragon Fruit. Today, let us distinguish between this pair of “twin brothers”.


White red dragon fruit

Oval, long scale, bright colors.


Red Dragon Fruit

Slightly round, short scaled, dense, reddish color.

In terms of nutritional value, red hearts and white hearts are similar. The difference is that red heart dragon fruit must be sweet and white to taste good. White heart dragon fruit is not as sweet as red heart, but it is sweet, clear and simple, as if the meaning is flat.

A new favorite of the taste buds, a perfect nutritional point.

Dragon fruits are fresh inside and attractive in appearance. Not only do they look nutritious, they are healthy. It contains plant albumin and anthocyanins, abundant vitamins and soluble dietary fiber.


In addition to eating alone, dragon fruit can also be made into flavors such as Fire Dragon Fruit Vanilla Milkshake, Fruit Fishing Oats, and Dragon Fruit Mixing Yogurt. The thick, silky yogurt wrapped in sweet dragon fruit is chewy with the taste of fruit seeds, the flavor is sweet and wonderful … By the way, there are some roses that cannot be ignored. I let people take some beautiful pictures first …


Holding the dragon fruit in my hands, the tips of my teeth were full of sweetness and satisfaction. Look! The lips are stained with exclusive red juice, adding a touch of rose red to the color of the lips.

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Post time: Mar-14-2023