Nearly 1.5KG of thornless red dragon fruit which is “big fruit king”, Homystar company become big famous again!

General average weight of a thornless red dragon fruit in about 600g, but have you seen nearly 1500g? Recently, in Homystar company agricultural demonstration area, Wuming dragon fruit base emerged many nearly 3 pounds of “big fruit king” and sweetness up to 24.5 degrees of “sugar king”, breathtaking!

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Sweetness of thornless red dragon fruit center up to 24.5 degrees

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Figure丨Measuring dragon fruit

Into the thornless red dragon fruit base, a burst of fruit fragrance came to the nose, a red, round, heavy “golden light one” thornless dragon fruit adorned branches, ten thousand green bush piece of red, in the blue sky and white clouds under the background looks particularly attractive. While the temperature is suitable, Homystar staff holding scissors shuttle between them, harvesting ripe dragon fruit, into the sorting workshop cleaning, selection, packaging into boxes, exported to Southeast Asian countries and domestic large and medium-sized cities.

Why can Homystar ‘s dragon fruit be so big?

1, scientific seed management to improve quality

Good products cannot be separated from good technology, Homystar company in expanding dragon fruit industry planting, but also through scientific management to enhance the quality of dragon fruit, taste, for the majority of consumers to provide a steady stream of “green, healthy, health” in the high-end special fruit.

“This batch of sorting out the thornless red dragon fruit are mostly 60#, 70# fruit, thanks to our technology to empower the dragon fruit tailored water and fertilizer nutrients, to further enhance the quality and taste.” According to the project manager of Homystar company, Homystar company and Xintiandi company to strengthen technical cooperation, focusing on thornless red dragon  fruit cultivation good method support.

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Photo丨Large thornless red dragon dragon fruit

After screening and summarizing, Homystar team has successfully composted organic fertilizer using organic raw materials of plant origin such as crushed pasture + protein mulberry + soybean meal + sheep manure, customized organic liquid biofertilizer for thornless red dragon fruit using special enzymes and strains, optimized water and fertilizer integration and precise control during the fruiting period, timely and effectively controlled the occurrence and spread of pests and diseases, improved planting technology and further improved the quality of thornless red dragon fruit and enhanced Homystar ‘s brand influence.

2, technology empowerment to improve efficiency

In recent years, Homystar company vigorously develop dragon fruit industry, for the brand construction of thornless red dragon fruit, the company from the scale of dragon fruit industry, standardization, specialization, the introduction of automated sorting equipment, as the first dragon fruit automatic sorting line in Homystar company dragon fruit base, its official production marks the company in the cleaning, sorting, packaging link again significantly improve production efficiency and product It has realized the mechanization, standardization and refinement of industry operation.

Homystar dragon fruit sorting and storage center has a total investment of 1 million yuan, covering an area of 2,000 square meters, with a workshop of 1,000 square meters, as well as a standardized dragon fruit sorting line that can process 16,000 pounds per hour, and a storage and cold storage center that can hold 600,000 pounds of fresh fruit. This dragon fruit automatic sorting line is composed of six main links, such as automatic flexible water feeding, sterilization, high-pressure cleaning, preservation, air-drying, intelligent sorting, etc. It adopts a new sorting concept, and each link focuses on reducing the bruising of the fruit and taking care of each dragon fruit’s “scales”.

The sorting line is another important project for Homystar to deeply implement the strategy of high-quality development and build a famous food base. The production of Homystar dragon fruit sorting and storage center effectively reduces the production cost, improves the sorting efficiency, and completes the short board of the company’s processing cold chain and storage logistics.

It is understood that the thornless red dragon fruit base covers an area of 1,500 acres, is currently the earliest introduction of Guangxi, South China’s largest continuous planting scale, supporting the accumulation of the most adequate technology standardized demonstration planting base, but also has the thornless red dragon fruit market pricing rights. The base continues to bear fruit from June to December every year, and the annual production of commercial fruit during the productive period exceeds 12 million kilograms.

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Photo丨Homystar company dragon fruit base

Since this year, thornless red dragon fruit is sold inside and outside the region, favored by the majority of consumers, stable yield, good sales, good quality has become a unique advantage of thornless red dragon fruit. To further build a good food industry in the capital of Guangxi well-known enterprises, Homystar company to build a large base, large enterprises and industries, plans to expand the thornless red dragon fruit to 2,000 acres, through the “enterprise + base + farmers” model radiation drive Nanning City, Xixiangtang District, Tanliao Town, Hengzhou City, Bingyang County, Chongzuo City, Fusui County The company will build 5,000 mu of orchards in the surrounding countryside to create the “fruit bag” project of Homystar.

In the next step, Homystar will fully study and implement the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, accelerate the pace of construction of famous enterprises in food industry in the capital of Guangxi, fight for the fourth quarter, win the whole year red, and contribute to help Homystar build a modern first-class food enterprise. 

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Post time: Nov-15-2022