Leaders of Nanning Agricultural and Rural Bureau visited and researched Homystar Company

On November 18, in order to implement the central and provincial deployment of agricultural work, strengthen the work of the agricultural and rural system and system construction, enhance the level of industry management and services, and promote the effectiveness of agricultural reform and development to a new level, the Nanning Agricultural and Rural Bureau organized about 20 people to Homystar Company for investigation and research. The deputy general manager of the company and the person in charge of relevant departments accompanied the research.
The research group visited Homystar headquarters, Longshan modern agricultural demonstration area, Homystar emperor citrus base and Tongzheng dragon fruit base, and the research group listened carefully to the detailed introduction of the planting situation, operation and sales of each base by the relevant person in charge at each place.


Figure丨Research to Tongzheng dragon fruit base
In Homystar Tongzheng dragon fruit base, the relevant person in charge of the current base area and the yield of commercial fruit during the productive period, production value and profit made an introduction, and to the research group raised about dragon fruit grafting, the use of planting technology and other questions answered one by one. The research group gave full affirmation to the layout of the company’s industrial development and development ideas, and praised Homystar ‘s dragon fruit base is the “largest area, the best technology” standardized demonstration planting base in South China.


Figure丨The person in charge introduced the scale of Emperor Citrus industry to the research group
The relevant person in charge of Homystar Company introduced to the research group in detail the industrial scale and management mode of Emperor Citrus, Dragon Fruit, mandarin orange and Grape Base.
e3In the exchange meeting, the research group gave full affirmation to Homystar company‘s industrial layout, industrial achievements and other aspects, and also put forward guidance, encouraging the company to actively apply for patents of new varieties, more exchanges and learning of famous and excellent fruit planting and aquaculture technology, developing a good characteristic agricultural industry, radiating to drive the surrounding villages and towns to enrich and increase the income of farmers, and helping the district’s rural revitalization.

Huang Zhi, deputy general manager of Homystar Company, said that the company will further standardize the operation and management of the characteristic industries and expand the scale of the industries, improve the industries while continuing to strengthen the cooperation with scientific research institutes, continue to expand the influence of the brand of Homystar, accelerate the pace of promoting the company to build a well-known enterprise in the food industry in the capital of Guangxi, and contribute to Homystar Group to build a modern first-class food enterprise.

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Post time: Nov-23-2022