How to select the sweetness Mandarin Orange?

Fruits are a common part of our lives, but most fruits are more preferred because they are nutritious, delicious, and very easy to eat. The fruits available in the market differ from season to season. The seasonal ones will definitely taste better than the regular fruits. Now that there are more oranges on the market, let’s talk about oranges today. 

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Many people like to eat mandarin oranges. They are sweet, sour, juicy, and inexpensive. Everyone is happy to eat them. Many people often buy oranges. In fact, this is the reason. In this article, we will tell you four ways to choose mandarin oranges. If you choose well, you will be able to buy sweet oranges in the future. After reading this article, do not forget to share it with your family. 

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The first thing to look for is the orange stem, which is the tail of the orange . If the bulge here is relatively high, the orange is sour and not very mature, so when buying you must make it a priority to select an orange . . that do not have a bulge at the bottom. Such oranges may be relatively sweet.

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Next, look at the top of the orange and see where the halo is located. Oranges are also divided into male and female, so the bigger the halo, the better often. Female oranges are sweeter and juicier. is the symbol for female oranges. 

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And if you look directly at the visible skin of the mandarin oranges and touch them with your hands, you should choose the ones with smooth and soft skin, while rough ones often have a bad taste.

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The last tip is to squeeze the oranges by hand. The tighter you squeeze them and the less gaps you feel, the more plump and  juicy they will be when you eat them, and the better they will taste. It will be drier. 

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Post time: Nov-15-2022