How to quickly remove wax from the surface of apples?

A friend who observes carefully goes to the market to buy fruit and finds that the fruit on sale looks shiny and full of color. In fact, this is because the merchant has a thin layer of wax on the fruit. The wax on these fruits makes the fruit look very fresh and extends the fruit’s shelf life. Under normal circumstances, these waxes cannot be eaten by people, so what if I want to remove this layer of wax from the fruit?
Wash with salt and warm water
Sprinkle salt on the outer skin of the fruit and gently rub water over it, effectively removing the surface wax layer from the surface of the fruit. At the same time, it allows the water to drain off the skin. Fruit aroma and color. Additionally, the fruit can be placed in warm water at 40°C to 50°C to clean it slowly and remove the fruit with a paper towel or towel to easily remove the wax from the fruit. This method is cleaner than tooling because some of the fruit surface cannot be cleaned with tooling.


Tao Rice Water, toothpaste clean fruit wax
Toothpaste has good solubility effect. Toothpaste is squeezed into the toothpaste water into the water, the toothpaste will wipe the fruit evenly. After repeated kneading and cleaning, the fruit wax on the surface of the fruit can be removed. Tao Rice water is also a “cleaner” that removes fruit wax. Place the fruit used to be washed and cleaned with Tao Rice water.

If, after cleaning the fruit, you feel that the skin has not been cleaned of the fruit wax, you can choose to peel and eat the fruit directly. Eating the fruit by designation is the cleanest way to remove the wax and can also make the fruit taste better, but this will result in a loss of nutrients in the skin.
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Post time: Jan-04-2023