How to make Fruit Fudge?

This food is suitable for children 3 years and older.
e10Compared to many people’s childhood memories, fruit fudge must be very distinct.
After all, 30 years ago in the countryside it might have been a little harder to eat chocolate, but if you wanted to eat fudge you could buy it at the snack store.
Of course, the author of the previous fudge did not eat less, but due to the control of sweets when he was growing up, the delicacy of this time seldom touched it.
Then just yesterday, the children in the family suddenly had a craving for fudge.
The author usually suppresses the taste of his fudge, but for a child, encountering a tasty candy is always unbearable.e11At this point, the author suddenly remembered that he had made a fruit version of fudge, then asked the child to pick the fruit himself, and the author promised him that within an hour it would become his personal and individual fruit candy. Essence.
If you are still interested in this delicacy today, take a look at how it is prepared
e12[Food name]: fresh orange ceterosugar.
[Preparation Ingredients]: fresh oranges, 40 grams white sugar + 20 grams, 10 grams pectin, 30 grams dissolved maltose.
e13Step 1: First, squeeze 1 pound of fresh orange juice, depending on your preferred mode. The author uses the most primitive method here, cutting the fresh orange directly and placing it in the juicer and pressing the juice by hand. If you find this step a bit tedious in comparison, you can also peel the fresh oranges, cut them into small pieces, put them in a wall breaking machine, break them and then filter them using a filter. 
e14Step 2: Next, prepare a small bowl and mix the prepared 10 grams of glue evenly with 40 grams of white sugar.
e15Step 3: Next, prepare a small milk pot, pour the orange juice into the pot, heat to 35 degrees, pour in the prepared peeled sugar, stir well and bring to a boil over heat. One. Maltose, turn up the heat to low and slow down until the bubbling state pictured below turns off the heat.
e16Step 4: Prepare a flat chassis, place a layer of plastic paper or wrap preserves and pour the frozen jelly into it, smoothing and solidifying the surface. 
e17Step 5: Later, cut the fruit sugar into small pieces, strip with a knife, put the remaining 20 grams into the white sugar bowl, stir left and right to wrap the fruit sugar surface on the fruit surface sugar. Hand, can be eaten directly. 
e18ot sure if this sweet taste tastes good today. Does it also remind you of the deliciousness of your childhood? If you too are very interested in today’s food then you might want to try it at home.
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Post time: Nov-23-2022