How to improve body resistance by eating more of the following 6 fruits?

After the beginning of winter it means entering winter. Winter temperatures are lower, the climate is drier, bacterial viruses are greater, and the body’s immunity is reduced. Therefore, in addition to eating vegetables also we must eat some fruits. This will help the body replenish water, improve the body’s resistance, and help us to stay steady through the cold winter.
In the beginning of winter, Health is best suited to eat these six types of fruits

1. Apples
Winter apples are the most delicious. They are crisp and sweet as well as moist. Apples are highly nutritious. Its rich pectin content can provide energy to the colon mucosa cells and protect the gastrointestinal tract.
The dietary fiber in apples aids digestion. Organic acids inhibit bacteria in the mouth, its high vitamin content can improve immunity.
e4 If you have a bad stomach, you can eat and eat an apple. Diabetes can also eat half an apple in a day with stable blood sugar levels.

2.Mandarin Orange
Oranges are sweet and delicious and are the fruit of the winter season. Oranges are rich in more than 10 nutrients, including vitamin C, glucose, and citrate. They are consumed properly to hydrate the skin and make it more delicate.
Oranges are also very suitable to eat in dry climates in winter because they can quench thirst, moisturize the lungs, eliminate dryness, and help detoxify the liver. Suitable for eating. 
e5Mandarin Oranges can be eaten directly or squeezed into orange juice and drunk. This relieves greasiness, helps eliminate food, stomach, and can even be used to make desserts and cakes. There are a variety of health and dietary options. Your Preference.

3. Pears
Pears are the most common type of fruit in winter. Older generations often said that if you take a lot of pills, it is better to eat two pounds of pears. Pears are called the “natural mineral” of the fruit industry because their flesh is full of white juice water. Since early winter weather is dry and pears are cold, eating more pears replenishes water, dries and moisturizes the lungs, and reduces ph and cough.
e6In addition to eating them raw, people can also eat them. People who are afraid of pears can steam pears and eat them. Drinking more water from pears can be very helpful in relieving coughs.

4.Winter dates
Winter jujube tastes sweet and crunchy, and many people love to eat it. Winter jujube is a fruit with a very high content of victory; 100 grams of winter jujube contains 243 mg of vitamin C, hence the name “King of Vitamin C”. It replenishes more vitamin C. This is conducive to improved physical immunity. Therefore, after the beginning of winter, you can buy and eat more Winter dates. 

e7Winter jujubes are the most nutritious. You can also make winter jujubes with apples, honey, lemon juice, and water. If you have a weak spleen and stomach, you can steam winter dates and eat them.

5. Grapefruit
Grapefruit is a type of fruit very suitable after lydon. After winter, many people feel their lips are depleted. At this point, eating grapefruit can replenish the body and moisturize and protect the lips. In addition, the high nutritional content of grapefruit can improve body immunity, clear fever, diarrhea, moisturize the lungs, and relieve cough, so it is very good to eat grapefruit when angry.

Persimmons are high, meaning good, tender, sweet and delicious. Persimmon is rich in sugar, pectin, and vitamins, especially its vitamin C content, which is higher than that of pears and apples. 

Persimmon can play a role in reducing ph, relieving cough, easing zing and eliminating stomach. Thus, after winter, you can eat some per in appropriate quantities. This can alleviate constipation, moisturize the lungs and eliminate dryness.

When eating persimmons, be careful not to eat them on an empty stomach and avoid eating the skin because the tannic acid content of persimmon skin is too high. After eating, they react with stomach acid to produce stones. Your Health.

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Post time: Nov-23-2022