How to choose the best pear by 4 points?

Time is passing and dry winter is coming. At this time of year, it is best to eat juicy, moist fruits to rehydrate. Among the many fruits, fresh and juicy pears are a good choice.


Pears are sweet, crisp, refreshing, well-hydrated, and full of water and nutrients. When thirst is dry and uncomfortable, eating pears can also moisturize and protect the throat.

However, not all pears are delicious. Some pears are juicy and crispy, while others are pale and pulpy. So how do you buy fresh, crisp, sweet pears?

Today, round shares with us four tips for harvesting sweet and juicy pears


1. Look at the navel of the pear

When buying oranges, we always choose between male and female oranges. Usually we choose female oranges, but there is actually a saying when buying pears.

Generally speaking, female pears absorb sunlight and nutrients more easily, are slightly larger and sweeter, so it is best to choose female pears when buying pears, but how can you tell which ones are female?

You can tell by looking at the part of the pear called the navel. Female pears have a general indentation, while male pears are slightly raised and shaped like a flower.


2. Look at the pear skin.

Pear skin also reflects whether the pear is sweet or not. If a pear has a smooth skin, it means that the storage period is relatively short, the skin is thin, and the flesh is more fragrant and sweet.

Pears with very coarse skins generally have thicker skins and will lose moisture and become more acidic when stored for a longer period of time.

At the same time, it is best to choose pears with yellow skin. Yellow skin means that the pear has received more sunlight and has a higher sugar content. 


3. look at the weight of the pear.

When buying any fruit, it is always right to choose the heaviest. The heavier the fruit, the more water it contains and the sweeter it is.

A lighter pear of the same size means that it has been sitting for a long time and the water inside has evaporated, meaning it will not be as crisp and will have less juice. 


4. Pay attention to the shape of the pear.

When we pick things, we always choose the best looking ones, and this method is very useful for picking pears.

Good pears generally have a rounded shape and a bright, shiny skin. Pears that are not well shaped do not receive even light during the growing process and lack nutrients and moisture.

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Post time: Dec-28-2022