How can you pick the best tasty apples?

Apple is big, small and different heads. If you want to choose the best outlet, you need to master a few skills. First, you need to observe the color of the Apple. Nutrient absorption also differs because there is so much to do in the growing environment and lighting angle of the apple, as well as in the leaf blocking area. Apples exhibit a variety of colors. When purchasing apples, choose apples that are red and yellow in color. These apple colors have ample time, thicker flesh, and more juice.


Taste the bite, you will feel the aroma. If when buying an apple you find that the color of the apple is whiter, it is not advisable to buy it. Such apples taste bad. Most regular apples are red and not uniform in color. When buying apples, one should carefully observe the apple line. You can prove if the apple is sweet through the lines. When making a selection, choose apples with vertical stripes. Such apples will taste better. If the temperature is paralyzing, such apples also taste very good, the water is sufficient and the flavor is crisp.


You should also look at the Apple ; if the Apple is light green, the roots are also wet, indicating that this Apple is only fresh. If the Apple is dark brown and the roots are dry, it means that this Apple has been sitting for a long time and is not fresh, do not buy such an Apple. Fresh apples are green and sweet. When selecting apples, you can also pad the apples and look at the weight of the apples. The same head, weight will be better, moisture alone is enough.


When choosing apples, choose Chinese fruits. Such apples are rounder and better. You can also touch the appearance of the apple. When striped apples touch, the stripes are coarse. Such apples have a lot of juice. If the skin of the apple is smoother, this apple will be sour when eaten. You can also pick up the apples with your hands. It is difficult to make apples soft and sweet. If the apple is very hard, it means the apple is not mature.

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Post time: Mar-14-2023