Homystar’s 15,000 tons of mandarin orange will be sold at home and abroad, worth nearly 100 million RMB

On December 29, Homystar Orchard Wuming base held the opening activity, and the planting bases, professional cooperatives and trading markets entered the busy harvesting, sorting, packing and selling period of Mandarin Orange, which will be sent to domestic and foreign markets one after another in the next few months. After cleaning, sorting, packing and other processes, boxes of Mandarin Orange, are loaded onto trucks and sent to all over the country and Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries one after another. “Our company imports 3,500 tons of citrus fruits from China every year, and in 2021 we tried to import 25 tons of Homystar Mandarin Orange, back to Malaysia for sale, and the response from consumers was very good. This time I also came here by name to find a better quality source of goods.” Malaysian merchant Hou Wen Park introduced that his company plans to import 1,500 tons of Homystar Mandarin Orange in 2022-2023, and the first batch of purchased Mandarin Orange will depart for Malaysia on December 30th.


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“At present, our cooperative has signed a sales agreement with 8 fruit buyers at home and abroad, with an agreement to sell 10,000 tons of Mandarin Orange and sales of 0.8 billion yuan.” Mr. Wang, the person in charge of Homystar Orchard, introduced.


Staff bagging and packing the Mandarin Orange
“Since the opening of the factory on December 10, the average daily processing of about 40 tons, these Mandarin Orange will be sent to Guangdong, Zhejiang, Northeast and other places.” Wang, the person in charge of the company, introduced that they will sort the mandarin oranges into special grade, 95 grade, 85 grade, etc. according to the customer’s demand, and they can also test the size, color, pulp and sugar level of the mandarin oranges simultaneously to maximize the economic benefits of the mandarin oranges.

Thin-skinned and juicy ” Mandarin Orange
In order to optimize the citrus varieties, effectively adjust the industrial structure, and promote the quality and efficiency of the citrus industry, Homystar Company carries out the high jointing and replanting of some citrus orchards, and promotes the upgrading of the citrus industry of the whole company through the form of point by point, point by point, demonstration by demonstration.
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Post time: Jan-04-2023