Homystar staff smiled a lot with the bumper harvest of emperor citrus

On November 10th, Homystar entered the orchard base of Emperor Citrus, the orchard was overflowing with the fragrance of fruit, a piece of fruit trees were verdant, bunches of golden Emperor Citrus were decorated with branches, Homystar staff was busy picking Emperor Citrus, a busy scene.

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Step Into the Homystar orchard, a fruit tree neatly arranged, a glance at the endless stretches, the earth as if covered with a layer of green carpet. When you look closely, you can find that there are clusters of orange and yellow among the green leaves, which are the fruits on the branches, mature and full. The emperor citrus is full of fruits, and the heavy fruits are hanging on the branches. Due to the good quality of the fruit, the emperor citrus here has been booked by many fruit merchants while it is still on the tree. The farmers were happy to shuttle through the orchard, and the fruit baskets were filled with evenly sized emperor mandarins in a short time.

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Emperor citrus, also known as tribute mandarin, has large size, good color, fresh flesh and sweet taste. Homystar Orchard has planted more than 1000 mu of emperor citrus, and the expected output this year is about 5.8 to 6 million kilograms. 

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All the emperor citrus planted in Homystar orchard are planted with pollution-free technology, and the fruits are big, fresh, tender, sweet, sour and juicy, which are very popular among consumers. The orchard is ready to ripen and will be opened on November 12, welcome to pick.

In recent years, Homystar company relies on the government’s special industry support, using its own high-quality agricultural resources, vigorously develop the emperor citrus, wuquan planting industry, help farmers to increase income and get rich. The person in charge of Homystar orchard said that in the next step, it will combine with the actual situation of the local area, actively respond to the government’s help policy, teach planting technology for free, and let the villagers all embark on the road to prosperity. 

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Post time: Nov-15-2022