Growing mangoes to enrich local farmers, Homystar mangoes go out of the country

Step into one of the Homystar orchard base mango Baise area, the mango trees everywhere in the mountains go into the eyes, large and small mango hanging branches, Homystar workers in the forest pruning branches and leaves carefully care for mango trees. "Recently, mangoes are in the picking period, and it has been a busy scene here, with hundreds of workers busy picking mangoes and long lines of trucks waiting to transport mangoes to home and abroad." The person in charge of Homystar Orchard Base said.


Homystar orchard base- Homystar mango Baise area

Baise City is china's largest mango production base, Jinhuang mango is a long-standing reputation, its production occupies more than 30% of the city. Twenty years ago, this large-scale planting of mango trees in front of the hill or weedy wilderness, now just like a "gold mountain", the local people rely on mango planting, have embarked on the road to wealth.


Homystar orchard base- Homystar mango Baise area

Homystar has been using the "company + base + farmers" model to promote the revitalization of local agricultural products and promote the rapid development of Homystar fruit industry. The founding technical team of Homystar ng researched mango planting more than ten years ago, and ten years ago Homystar mango base planted the excellent variety of Jinhuang mango, because of the sweet taste of the mango planted out good taste, soon opened up the market, local villagers have followed together to plant mango.


At present, mango cultivation has become the main source of economic income for local families in Baise District, with an area of tens of thousands of mu planted with an annual output of more than 10,000 tons of mangoes.

"We have prepared deep processing machines and equipment, just waiting for the mangoes to mature." Homystar mango base responsible person pointed to the distant mango sorting center, said, in the past, the poorly sold mangoes are rotten in the ground, now after the introduction of deep processing producers, can be slightly poor skin mangoes resold to producers made into dried mango, mango juice and other products, greatly enhance the added value of mango. Over the years, Homystar star mango Baise base relying on the development of mango industry, through scientific research investment, expand mango sales channels and other initiatives, radiation driven local more than 10,000 people through the planting of mango income.

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Post time: Aug-30-2022