Fighting for the first quarter, Homystar prepares for the next season

Fighting for the first quarter, Homystar prepares for the next season


At present, it is the season of mandarin orange, since February, Homystar company ushered in the peak period of mandarin orange procurement. Walking into the base of Homystar ‘s mandarin orange orchard, what comes into view is a yellow mandarin orange hanging densely on the branch, the staff goes back and forth in the garden to harvest the fruit, and the fruit frame is filled with mandarin orange. It is reported that the average sugar level of Homystar mandarin orange reaches 18 degrees, which is very popular among people.

Fighting for the first quarter, Homystar prepares for the next season1


The plan of the year lies in spring, and the good scenery of the year lies in spring plowing. It is the key period of spring plowing preparation, Homystar workers are seizing the agricultural time to grasp the spring citrus management, to citrus fruit trees open furrow, fertilization, for the year stable yield and income to lay a solid foundation. It is understood that Homystar orchard base a microtiller can complete about 50 acres of work a day, saving thousands of dollars a day, the efficiency of the traditional way to improve several times, not only to solve the problem of low efficiency of manual fertilization, high labor costs, but also to efficiently complete the current fertilization of citrus fruit trees, for the battle of the quarter pressed the “fast forward button “It is a fast forward button for the first quarter.

Fighting for the first quarter, Homystar prepares for the next season2


At the same time, Homystar company invited experts in citrus technology to visit Homystar orchard base to carry out training sessions on “citrus spring management technology” to improve the scientific planting and management level of the majority of growers.

In the classroom, the technical personnel explained in detail about the prospect of mandarin orange industry, the development of planting technology and the prevention and control of mandarin orange yellow dragon disease; in Homystar citrus base, the technical personnel taught in the field by selecting mandarin orange with different tree conditions, allowing Homystar staff to look for problems in the field and give “one-to-one” answers, truly bringing mandarin orange The practical technology of high quality cultivation was sent to the growers, which provided good scientific and technological support for Homystar to develop mandarin orange industry and was of great significance to promote the healthy and benign development of citrus industry of the company.

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Post time: Mar-08-2023