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Various delicious fruit Supply

More than 10 years Fruit Planting experience 8,000,000㎡ plus planting area

Supply  500,000 KG fresh fruit per day

Organic Planting+Fresh Picking+Automatic screening+Careful packing+Cold chain storage and transportation, quality fresh by whole fruit supply chain.

Fruit shelf-life can last up to 50 days

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Lulu and Nesto etc. chosen our fresh fruit to fill their well-known product. They were very satisfied with our quality ,services and fruit supply.

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About Homystar

Our Hot selling Fruit- Dragon Fruit

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Tender and juicy


Sweet and refreshing


High sweetness of flesh


Full of nutrition

Product Name : Red Dragon Fruit

Country of Origin: Guangxi and Hainan ,China

Specification: 5KG / carton ,10KG / carton

Storage method: Cool and Shelter

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Sweet and delicious


Fine and smooth flesh


Melts in your mouth and juicy


Full fruit shape and Nutrient-rich

Product Name : White Dragon Fruit

Country of Origin: Guangxi and Hainan ,China

Specification: 5KG / carton ,10KG / carton

Storage method: Cool and Shelter

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Dragon fruits had two varieties : Red Flesh and White Flesh dragon fruits. Their main different are the flesh color and tasty. For red dragon fruit, the flesh are red, its color are brighter and it is more popular. What’s more , its sugar content is above 15 degrees, sweet but not greasy. It tastes better than white flesh dragon fruits. For white dragon fruit, the flesh are white color,

And its flesh is mild, the sweetness is not high.

Guangxi Homystar Fruit Industry is agricultural products exporter in China. We export high-quality fruits like Mandrin orange,Emperor Orange, dragon fruits, Mango, Cantaloup, apple, etc., from China to the world. We expanded the panting scale and cooperated with more than 10 panting base of dragon fruits to reach 2 million square meters planting area in Guangxi and Haina province. Now we had whole supply chain for dragon fruits from planting to cold chain transportation. During the seasons, It can supply up to 300,000 kilograms of dragon fruits per day to meet the demand of customers in large batch.

Adequate inventory and guaranteed supply

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Automatic and manual screening, quality assurance

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Multiple ways to eat Dragon Fruit

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Dragon fruit is a fruit rich in dietary fiber, which not only promotes gastrointestinal motility, but also promotes blood circulation, removes waste and toxins from the body, and helps maintain liver health.If you want to protect your liver health, you may want to eat more dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is divided into red heart dragon fruit and white heart dragon fruit, which can be selected according to personal preference.

One advantage of red heart dragon fruit is its higher sweetness than white heart red dragon fruit.

As you can see in the picture below, the sweetness at the center of the red dragon fruit reaches more than 21°, with a delicate taste, red spleen pith, and several degrees higher sweetness, who can refuse this?  Over 21° sweet, sweet and smooth lips and teeth aroma echoes!

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