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Fresh Red Fuji apple is sweet, sour, crisp and juicy. Which is rich in sugar, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, niacin, cellulose etc. Eating more apples has been found to improve memory and intelligence. In daily life, Fresh Red Fuji apple can play a moderate consumption of cholesterol, maintain stable blood sugar role, It also can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation, and has certain benefits for cancer prevention and anti-cancer. Also ,the person who want to lose weight can also eat some red Fuji apple appropriately, which can increase the feeling of satiety and reduce food intake.

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The Red Fuji apple came from Apple eugenic farming area: Shaanxi luochuan, which is alsoEU export quality origin;  The geographical advantages are Plateau environment, large temperature difference, high fructose content, deep soil layer, rich in nutrients and Yellow River nourishing , the upper reaches of the Yellow River water nourishing, pollution-free, edible more assured. Also we planted with Natural farming method and natural wax-free ecology, so breed the natural and delicious Red Fuji apple.

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Apple is known as the king of fruits. More than 1,700 years ago, humans began to grow apples. Apple planting has a history of more than 2,000 years in China, and more than 1,600 years ago, The technical level of apple planting in China had reached a fairly high level. Hundreds of varieties of apples have been developed, and about three dozen of them are commonly grown, each with its own different characteristics, taste and taste. Fuji apple was introduced into China in 1966. In the spring of 1980, when the Ministry of Agriculture organized experts to visit Japan, the seedlings and scions of several Fuji varieties with good color, such as Changfu 2, Qiufu 1 and Changfu 6, were selectively introduced and systematically observed and studied in several pilot areas of main apple producing areas. Now Fuji apple has developed nearly a million hectares in China, among which Shaanxi Red Fuji has become a nationally acclaimed apple, renowned throughout the country.

Guangxi Homystar Fruit Industry is agricultural products exporter in China. We export high quality fruits like Mandrin orange,Emperor Orange, Dragon fruit, Mango, Cantaloupe, apple, etc., from China to the world. We are committed to be a fruit supply chain expert. We also expand the plating scale and cooperated with 5 base of red fuji apple to reach 1 million square meters planting area in Shaanxi province. Now we had whole supply chain for red fuji apple fruits from planting to cold chain transportation. During the seasons, It can supply up to 250,000 kilograms of red fuji apple fruits per day to meet the demand of customers in large batch.



1. Enrich blood:
Iron must be absorbed under acidic conditions and in the presence of vitamin C, so eating apples has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia.

2. Skin care:
Apples are rich in magnesium, which can make skin rosy, supple and elastic.

3. Protect the heart:
Apple fiber, pectin, antioxidants, etc., can reduce the body's bad cholesterol and improve the good cholesterol content, so eating one or two apples a day is not easy to heart disease.

4. Raw Apple cure constipation, cooked Apple cure diarrhea:
Apple is rich in tannic acid, pectin, dietary fiber and other special substances, tannic acid is intestinal astringent, it can reduce intestinal secretion and reduce the moisture in the stool, thereby antidiarrheal. And pectin is a "two-faced", unheated pectin has the effect of softening stool to relieve constipation, boiled pectin is suddenly changed, with convergence, antidiarrhea effect. Dietary fiber plays a laxative role.

5. Peaceful sleeping:
Apple contains phosphorus and iron and other elements, easy to be absorbed by the intestinal wall, nourishing the brain, peace and sleep. The aroma of apples is a great remedy for depression and depression. Research discovery, in a lot of smell, the aroma of apple has the biggest psychological impact on the person, it has the effect of eliminating psychological depression obviously.

6. Whitening, lowering cholesterol:
Apple glial and trace element chromium can maintain the stability of blood sugar, but also can effectively reduce cholesterol. Apple in the crude fiber can promote gastrointestinal creeping function, and rich in iron, zinc and other trace elements, can make the skin smooth luster, play a role in beauty slimming.






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Red Fuji Apple



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ISO 9001 ,ISO 22000, SGS





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