Fresh Dragon Fruit – Sweet, Multi Efficacy and Nourishment

The flesh of dragon fruit is smooth & tender ,which is rich in nutrients such as anthocyanin, dietary fiber, vitamin E, iron, etc., it has health care effects such as preventing vascular sclerosis, detoxifying and protecting the stomach, whitening and losing weight, and anti-aging.

The dragon fruit came from gold farming area: 23 degrees north latitude; it is Unique geographical climate .Inside this area, it had Sufficient sunshine and Abundant precipitation, We planted the dragon fruit with natural water resources and Irrigation. All this create delicious dragon fruit and its shelf life can last up to 1 month.

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Achieve delicious pitaya

Dragon fruit had two varieties : Red Flesh and White Flesh dragon fruit. Their main different are the flesh color and tasty. For red dragon fruit, the flesh are red, its color are brighter and it is more popular. What’s more , its sugar content is above 15 degrees, sweet but not greasy. It tastes better than white flesh dragon fruit. For white dragon fruit, the flesh are white color,And its flesh is mild, the sweetness is not high.


Dragon fruit is native to tropical Central America, its trees native to Brazil, Mexico and other central American tropical desert areas, which is a typical tropical plant. Dragon fruit also named Pitaya, is a kind of plant introduced from southeast Asia to Taiwan,China, and then improved by Taiwan,china to Hainan province and guangxi, Guangdong and other places in the south of the china Pitaya is named after its fleshy scales resembling flood dragon's outer scales. When her bright and huge flowers bloom, the fragrance is overflowing. Potted viewing makes people feel lucky, so they are also called "lucky fruit". Dragon fruit is rich in nutrition and unique function, it contains rare plant albumin and anthocyanin, rich in vitamins and water-soluble dietary fiber.

Guangxi Homystar Fruit Industry is agricultural products exporter in China. We export high-quality fruits like Mandrin orange,Emperor Orange, dragon fruit, Mango, Cantaloupe, apple, etc., from China to the world. We are committed to be a fruit supply chain expert. We expanded the panting scale and cooperated with more than 10 panting base of dragon fruit to reach 2 million square meters planting area in Guangxi and Haina province. Now we had whole supply chain for dragon fruits from planting to cold chain transportation. During the seasons, It can supply up to 200,000 kilograms of dragon fruit per day to meet the demand of customers in large batch.


1. Whitening

Dragon fruit contains lots of vitamin C, which can play whitening role, for the people who love white beauty, eat more dragon fruit can play a whitening effect .

2. Increasing immunity

Research has shown that red dragon fruit has great effect on tumor growth and antiviral, it can enhance human resistance by eating more dragon fruit.

3. Appetizer, Improve constipation.

Dragon fruit contains lots of dietary fiber, and there is lots of black seeds inside the flesh, which can aid digestion and promote bowel movement.

4.Prevent hardening of the blood vessels.

The vegetable protein inside the Dragon fruit can be combined with heavy metal ions in the body to play the role of detoxification.

5. Prevention of anemia

Dragon fruit contains lots of iron, and iron is an essential component of hematopoiesis, regular consumption of dragon fruit can prevent anemia, which is more suitable for children and pregnant women .

6. Anti-aging.

Dragon fruit has the function of anti-oxidation, anti-free radical, anti-aging, and also has the function of inhibiting degeneration of brain cells and preventing dementia.

7. Longer shelf life.

Our Dragon fruit are thick skin ,which is good for storage and transportation; Its shelf life can last up to 1 month under 5 degree to 9 degree refrigeration.

High quality fruit, original from gold farming area


Delicious& healthy,
original enjoyment


Delicious fruit, great gift


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    Style Fresh
    Product Type Dragon fruit
    Cultivation Type COMMON
    Color Red / white
    Certification ISO 9001 ,ISO 22000, SGS
    Grade A+
    Place of Origin China
    Brand Name Homystar
    Model Number D201
    Quality A+
    Supply Period From Jun. until Dec.
    MOQ 24 TON
    Packing plastic boxes or cartons
    Delivery time 10 days
    Delivary EXW-FOB-CIF-CFR
    Storage up to 1 months at (3-5 degree)